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International Network of Scholar Activists
INoSA is network of teachers and scholars from many disciplines committed to advancing social movements and radical democracy—both within and outside academia. It supports scholarship and educational work related to these efforts, especially within the World Social Forum process. (Read more about INoSA)
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  • International Studies Association Annual Meeting-- Friday April 6 12:30-1:30PM Hilton San Francisco Union Square (Franciscan D )
    • Agenda
      • Resisting neoliberalism on our campuses---Academic labor organizing, student debt, vs. corporate universities
      • Defending the knowledge commons--Work with May First/People Link – Technology congress on access, privacy and counter-surveillance
      • Supporting radical social movements--National Human Rights Cities Alliance and the US Human Rights Network, Climate just
    • Learn about scholar-activism around local initiatives to implement international human rights principles. Also, discuss possibilities for scholar-activists to help activists and professionals learn more about the threats to internet freedom, privacy and security and how we can resist corporate and government control of the means of communication.

Contact: Inosa [at] riseup.net

INoSA is organized into three main working groups/Areas of workScholar activists and students are encouraged to form local chapters to support engaged teaching and research and to help connect local initiatives with our wider network. By learning from one another and connecting our struggles, we will win!

  • Fighting for Justice on Campuses
    • Rights of academic workers, student debt, fair wage and fair trade policies on campuses, campus-community relationships
  • Defending the knowledge commons
    • Supporting and Promoting Open Access Publishing and Creative Commons License
    • Professional resources- Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age
  • Supporting Social Movement Alliances for global/social transformation
    • We especially support the World Social Forum process and its national and local manifestations
    • Climate Justice Team
    • Human Rights Cities


Summer 2015
Click here to sign up for INoSA's email list (low volume)-updates and announcements.
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Recent Activities

  • Left Forum 2017
    • ==Technology and Revolution: Scholar Activists and the Defense of the Knowledge Commons ==
      • Panelists: Alfredo Lopez, May First/People Link, Manisha Desai, International Network of Scholar Activists, University of Connecticut and Leadership Committee member, May First/People Link; Melanie Bush, International Network of Scholar Activists, Adelphi University, and Leadership Committee member, May First/People Link; Jackie Smith, International Network of Scholar Activists, University of Pittsburgh, and National Human Rights Cities Alliance.
    • ==Strategies for Advancing the Human Rights Movement in Your Community ==
      • Panelists: Colette Pichon Battle, Executive Director, US Human Rights Network; Noel Didla Jackson Human Rights Institute & National Human Rights Cities Alliance Steering Committee; Jean-Louis Peta Ikambana Washington DC Human Rights City Steering Committee & National Human Rights Cities Alliance Steering Committee; Sheila Katzman NYC4CEDAW; Carl Redwood: Hill District Consensus Group, Black Liberation Unity Committee, Pittsburgh Black Left Movement
    • Meet-up at Left Forum: Contact inosa [at] riseup.net
  • Left Forum 2016 INoSA Co-sponsored panels on Technology and the Knowledge Commons INoSA teamed up with May First/People Link for two exciting panels on themes that are crucial to the work of scholars and teachers. Leading technology and knowledge commons experts from around the world shared their insights on the challenges and on the resources for defending the internet as a tool of liberation and for defending and expanding the knowledge commons. (Documentation coming soon).


People's Movement Assembly: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education: Austerity, Precarity, & Graduate Student Workers

Teaching Resources

  • Climate Justice Video Conference Series: "Sustainability or Survival"- Grassroots organizers discuss movement building work for climate justice.
  • Classroom Climate Justice Forum


  • INoSA Members will meet up at the [TBA]