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How to make your research accessible and support Open Access publishing

Some Journals have Open Access policies via a program called Research4Life, which is a UN-supported initiative that provides participating journals for free to qualified institutions. See if the journals you wish to publish in are part of this program and if they are not, encourage them to do so.

SPARC Author Addendum: [1]

  • This addendum is intended to add onto a copyright agreement allowing the authors to retain copyright to their article and, therefore, do what they want with the article afterwards. While this won’t make the official version OA at the publisher’s site, if accepted, it may allow you to distribute the official version of the article widely. There’s a ton of information on the SPARC site:[2]

> Here are some helpful guides on how to approach using this.

  • The “Negotiating Guide” from Arizona State: [3] This gives practical tips on what to do with various responses from a publisher to using this addendum.
  • Here is a PowerPoint from Laura Quilter at UMass that goes over some of the main points in a contract that are important: [[4]]
  • Know your rights - don't sign them away

Your librarian is also an excellent resource on these questions!