Quotes from the It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm Delegation

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The following quotes are based on interviews of activists who are part of the It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm delegation. Interviews are being conducted by students who are part of our network of scholar-activists helping support the delegation and to help get the stories of frontline communities out to a larger audience. Climate Justice writers are encouraged to use these quotes in their writing, being sure to credit the speakers and their organizations. Delegate quotes can be submitted to cjwriters [at] inosa.mayfirst.org

  • What led you to join the It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm delegation to the Paris Climate Negotiations?

[Interviewee name/ Organization & website link/ Interviewer name]

  • What will you be doing in Paris, and what do you hope to achieve while you're here?
  • How do you hope your work with the delegation will impact the work you are doing back home?
  • What are your plans for "the road from Paris"? What will you and other activists you work with be doing to bring about the changes you're hoping to see?