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Protecting traditional foods & cultures

  • Honor the Earth, a Native American-led organization in Minnesota, is leading local efforts for global inspiration on linking the protection of traditional foods (manoomin or wild rice) with resistance to an oil pipeline proposal by Enbridge with arguments for climate action that links local people confronting a pipeline proposals with the global community confronting climate change. See: www.honorearth.org. For a local angle on this story, consider how communities in a given area would experience threats to local or traditional foods due to climate change or energy projects that produce greenhouse gas emissions?
  • La Via Campesina: The "Peasants' Way" to Changing the System, not the Climate Nora McKeon shows how peasants are leading the way to climate solutions and a just transition to a low-carbon society.
  • Green Economy or Green Utopia: The Salience of Reproductive Labor Post-Rio+20 Ariel Salleh discusses how Indigenous peoples and women are preserving and promoting the paths we need to follow towards climate justice and just transition.

Bolivia and Peoples Movements take Bold Leadership in Global Climate Negotiations

From 10-12 October, more than 15,000 people gathered in Tiquipaya, Bolivia for the World Peoples Conference on Climate Change and the Defense of Life. The conference was organized by the Bolivian government of Evo Morales, who will bring the messages from the conference to the UN climate negotiations in Paris in December. The meeting follows a similar gathering of government leaders and social movements in 2010 in Cochabamba, which Morales organized in response to the persistent failures of the UN process. Both conferences produced powerful statements calling for world leaders to confront the reality that capitalism is the real cause of climate change. New models for organizing our societies around buen vivir, or living well and in harmony with the earth, and prioritizing a culture of life over economic growth were discussed at the conferences and outlined in the Peoples' Declarations. While Morales will bring the messages from the Conference attendees to government leaders, the emphasis is on building global movements to advance concrete projects such as achieving a Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth, implementation of climate justice indicators in negotiations over emissions reductions, an International Climate Tribunal, climate science that serves humanity and Mother Earth, not capitalism, and the strengthening of the non-commercialization of nature.
[Conference Website] [Statement of the Peoples World Conference on Climate Change and the Defense of Life] [UN Press Release] [Statement of the UN Secretary-General]