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December 11

[final hours thoughts turn to look at what 'winning' looks like in Paris]

As rich countries declare ‘ambition’ while racing to weaken the text, some climate justice campaigners are turning their backs on the COP21 negotiations and looking elsewhere for hope, reports Morgan Curtis.

December 10

[pivotal moment in Paris defines climate leaders]

What makes a climate leader? For all of us gathered here at COP21, it becomes increasingly evident with every passing day, writes Morgan Curtis.

December 8

[COP21 leave ‘loss and damage’ lost and damaged?]

Developed countries are determined to undermine any remnant commitment to justice in this process. Morgan Curtis reports for New Internationalist.

December 7

[COP21 enters final week, civil society escalates message]

Last week, the sterile hallways at COP21 rang with the chants ‘1.5 to stay alive!’ Morgan Curtis reports from Paris as climate talks enter their final week.

December 4 Here's What Frontline Communities are Pushing for At Climate Talks (Jacqueline Patterson, NAACP) //Grist

December 3

[stand with vulnerable to demand climate justice]

Young delegates inside the Paris climate summit were frustrated that the media were ignoring key issues. So yesterday, they took matters into their own hands, Morgan Curtis reports.