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Climate Justice Writers Network

Story ideas on just transitions to a low carbon society

[Low-Income, Latino Communities Across US Living in Air Pollution 'Sacrifice Zones'] This article reports on a recent study on the unequal effects of our high-carbon society and the climate change it produces. This new data should heighten the urgency of calls for more people to step up and take action for climate justice and for a just transition to a sustainable, low-carbon society. This article provides a good example of how to link broader discussions about the climate change issue with the movements working for social transformation. It ends with a reference to the It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm campaign:

“In response to the disparate impact of ecological harm and climate change, the people living within so-called "sacrifice zones" in the U.S.—and across the global south—are levying demands for environmental justice in the lead up to the COP21 United Nations climate talks in Paris this November and December. 'Inadequate action and false solutions will result in extreme consequences for the planet that will have notably disproportionate impact on the peoples of the Global South, as well as working class communities, communities of color, and indigenous and marginalized peoples living on the frontlines of the escalating climate crisis,' the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance declared in a recent [[1]].” (Read more)