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The food system is responsible for a third of global greenhouse gas emissions. How can we reduce that?

Articles & Reports

Indigenous peoples provide important lessons on sustainable food systems --Leaders are discussing lessons from indigenous practices and knowledge as they meet to discuss solutions to global food crises during a meeting of indigenous leaders at the UN's International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome, Feb. 2015.

...and carbon interests in meat industry lobby against this. Read more on these debates and their legal aspects.


  • The Real Food Media Contest invites short films on sustainable food topics, and you can watch this year's finalists here and learn more stories about people making paths to low-carbon food systems. The project is also a good example of an action that can help raise consciousness in the larger public.


Pittsburgh Food Policy Council

"Carbon Foodprint" is a term that refers to the carbon footprint of food choices. Whether we eat meat, choose organic vegetables, eat a lot of processed food, or eat out at restaurants affects the carbon emissions related to our individual food consumption.

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