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The Grassroots Global Justice Alliance is helping bring together frontline and fenceline communities engaged in the struggle for climate justice and a just transition to a low-carbon economy. The "It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm" campaign is mobilizing to attend the climate negotiations in Paris and to bring ideas from grassroots struggles to that international space. The campaign plans to continue on the "road from Paris" and to integrate ideas and lessons from grassroots movements from around the country and world. We are working with these organizers to help increase and amplify their ability to spread their message about how we can promote a more just and equitable response to the climate crisis. There are opportunities to help with interviewing activists in Paris and in places around the United States, writing and sharing documentation about this movement and the activities surrounding the "road to and from Paris," and otherwise helping students and the wider public learn about and appreciate the importance of the movement's demands for climate justice.

  • The core messages the It Takes Roots Campaign is lifting up:
    • Stories and leadership of grassroots frontline, fenceline, communities of color. Special attention to Indigenous peoples.
    • Calling out the U.S. and other "climate criminals" at Paris COP
    • Gender justice--how climate change is impacting women--not with victim frame, lifting up their solutions.
    • Just transition
    • Keep the oil in the ground
  • If you wish to join or support this team, please send a message to inosa [at]

All writers, students, poets, communicators are invited to join our Climate Justice Writers Network

See our Call for Writers

Resources and Background on the It Takes Roots Campaign