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Below you'll find links to past writers prompts and updates sent to our network of climate justice writers. Some are time-sensitive, others tap general themes related to climate justice. Writers are encouraged to use and adapt these texts as you work to spread the word about the urgency of climate justice and just transition! (Return to Climate Justice Writers Network)

The It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm campaign highlights the following messages, and our regular memos will provide you with suggestions along these lines. We also encourage you to think of other ways to bring these themes into your writing for local and other particular audiences. If you have story ideas to recommend to our writers, please send them to cjwriters [at] inosa.mayfirst.org:

(Follow links for story ideas on each theme)

Resources for writers

Writers Memos

These regular email updates provide story ideas for writers. Some are time-relevant, but most suggest angles for stories that can be useful at any time.

  • Early November 2015
  • November 19, 2015--Meet the Delegation and Cooperation Jackson

More resources and background on climate justice and the It Takes Roots Campaign